Commercial Mediation

I am an actress, facilitator and accredited mediator. In 2020 I decided to train as a mediator at The Society of Mediators after 20 years of work in live and recorded media. Why? In my many years of work I had witnessed conflicts in the workplace that had one major factor in common – inconclusiveness. The absence of a well facilitated conversation leading to deeper understanding and better outcomes. Instead, I observed feelings from anger to indifference leading to unhappiness, underachievement and in many cases disengagement.

It is with this in mind that I founded Core Mediation. Through Core Mediation I facilitate people who need to have difficult conversations without loosing out.

Whether you are an individual or a collective I firmly believe that rather than leaving challenging issues to unfair and unproductive outcomes, resolving them makes life both in and outside the workplace better for all.

As a mediator I hear your viewpoint and ask you the vital questions that will help you discover your true needs and the right way forwards for you.

Dialogue, understanding and integrity are at the heart of my work.

At Core Mediation I offer mediation in workplace, civil and commercial disputes plus training and consultancy services.

Whichever you’re here for, I hope to facilitate better conversations allowing you to thrive and do what you do better.

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