Mediation in the Arts Industry

At Core Mediation your dispute with your landlord, tenant, neighbour or within your community will be handled with confidentially and care.

Our mediator will

  • liaise with all involved
  • keep you up to date with everything you need to know

During a mediation you can

  • speak in private or open sessions
  • get things off your chest
  • think about what matters most to you
  • come up with workable solutions

Things you should know

  • anything you say in a private session will only be shared if you ask for it to be
  • nothing you say in a private or open session will be shared outside of the mediation – it is private and confidential
  • the cost of mediation is split equally between you and the person(s) with whom you are in a dispute

What past participants have said

Thank you for your time, energy and clarity throughout this process. I felt supported and inspired.

Having you mediate us help me to see more clearly what is taking place and I feel more permission to take a step forward and that a collective bit line may be drawn under events, an attempt to move forward more gracefully.

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